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Tour Vilnius-Trakai (duration - 7 hours)

    During the tour you'll visit the ancient and modern capitals of Lithuania.
The modern capital of Lithuania is a rapidly developing megapolis, where the present blends well with the past. The main city attraction for the tourists is Vilnius Old Town, a mixture of different epochs and architectural styles. It has everything you can think of: classic narrow streets, small cozy yards, red-tiled houses, gothic churches and magnificent baroque buildings. There are more than one thousand archeological, historical, architectural and cultural monuments in the Old Town; the most famous of them are Vilnius Cathedral, Town Hall, St Anne's church, Church of St Peter and Paul, Gate of Dawn, the oldest University in Eastern Europe and others. The majority of the buildings in Vilnius are in baroque style, so the town can be called an encyclopedia of baroque architecture. Vilnius Old Town is not only one of the most beautiful, but one of the biggest in Europe. It occupies the territory of 360 hectares. That's why in 1994 Vilnius Old Town was included in the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage.
    Trakai, the ancient capital of Lithuania, is situated 30 km from Vilnius. Trakai region features unique relief: the combination of numerous unbelievably pure lakes and moraine hills create a breathtaking sight. The "town on the water", as Trakai usually called, is particularly rich in architectural and cultural monuments; there are more than 300 of them. The main landmark of the town is the famous insular Trakai castle, situated on the island in the Galve Lake. Nowadays it is the only extant insular castle in Eastern Europe. The town was constructed in the second half of the 14th century and in the 15-16th centuries it served as the residence of the Grand Duke and his family. In this period both the town and the castle prospered. The noblemen and ambassadors came to Trakai from all over Europe, luxurious feasts were held regularly, legendary treasures were kept in the castle's cellar. By the end of 16th century the town had gradually lost its former political importance. It was outgrown by Vilnius. By the beginning of the 19th century the castle had been practically ruined. Nowadays you can visit the famous insular castle and plunge into the fascinating medieval atmosphere that has been carefully preserved here.

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