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Lithuanian National Drama Theatre

    Lithuanian National Drama Theater was founded in 1940. The repertoire of the theatre consists of the world classic dramatic art including Sophocles, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Lorka, Beckett and works of modern dramatists including Lithuanian authors.
    Works of Lithuanian famous directors and actors, masterpieces of world classics, uncommon decorations, and special atmosphere of creativity makes the National Drama Theatre very popular among the audience. The most famous performances are "Madame de Sade" by Mishima, "The Dream Play" by Strindberg, "The Day of Commemorating the Dead" by Mickievicz, "The Stepanchikov's Manor" by Dostoevsky. Productions on works of famous avant-garde writers Daniil Charms and Alexander Vvedensky have won a number of prizes at international theater festivals and continue to attract attention of Lithuanian and foreign audiences.
    In 2001, the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre became the member of the European Theatre Convention. Gaining the honorable position, the theatre began a new life at the beginning of a new era. It started to work in new directions, which are staging the plays by the Lithuanian authors and supporting of young directors and actors. The performances of the theatre contain elements of experiment and innovation. The producers of the performances look for new forms and ideas in modern drama works such as "Stop Machine" by Charms, "The Guest" by Schmitt, and "Offending the Audience" by Handke.
    The activities of the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre include Christmas performances for children and participation in international festivals and contests.

Address: Gidemino Ave., 4
Phone: 370-5-2620051