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Bernardine Church

The Church of St. Francis and St. Bernardine is one of the largest gothic sacral buildings in Vilnius. It composes a unique architectural ensemble with St. Anne's Church, but it is much older and higher than the latter. The Bernardine monastery that is situated near the church is the oldest brick building of the entire complex.
    Address: Maironio St., 10
    Phone: 370-5-2609292

Vilnius Cathedral

According to the prophecy of the 20th century poet-mystic Oscar Milosz, Vilnius is to become the Athens of the North. Whether it is true or not, no one knows. Bun nowadays there is one building in Vilnius that reminds of classical Athenian temples. This building is the famous Vilnius Cathedral.

    Address: Maironio St., 10
    Phone: 370-5-2609292

Church of the Holy Spirit and Dominican Monastery

The cupola of the Dominican church of the Holy Spirit rises above the Old Town and can be easily seen from the surrounding streets. The church is an architectural monument of high and late baroque in Lithuania. The exterior of the church is rather plain. Inside the church boasts splendor baroque decor.
    Address: Dominikonu St., 8
    Phone: 370-5-2629595

Gate of Dawn

The Gate of Dawn (Ausros Vartai) is one of the main landmarks of Vilnius. Built in 1522, the Gate represents the only extant gate of the stone defensive wall that surrounded the town. The Gate of Dawn or as it was originally called the Medininkai Gate was built on the most important trade routes in the southern part of the town.
    Address: Ausros vartu St., 12
    Phone: 370-5-2123028

Gediminas Castle

The history of the castle is closely connected with the formation of the city. According to the legend found in the Chronicle of Lithuania, the castle on the Castle Hill was founded by Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas, who once had a prophetical dream. In his dream he saw an iron wolf standing on this spot and howling like a hundred wolves.
    Address: Arsenalo St., 5
    Phone: 370-2617453

Gediminas Monument

On the 22d of September, 1996 the ceremonious unveiling of the bronze figure of the Vilnius founder Grand Duke Gediminas took place on the Vilnius Cathedral Square. The sculptor of the monument based on the ancient legend about the city foundation is a Lithuanian refugee V. Kasuba.

    Address: Cathedral Square

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

Although the church is rather plain from the facade, its baroque interior amazes the visitors by the breathtaking splendor. The walls are crowded with over two thousand stucco moldings of biblical, historical, allegorical and mythological figures, fantastic and demonic beings, plants and animals.
    Address: Antakalnio St., 1
    Phone: 370-5-2340229

St. Anne's Church

Vilnius is associated with numerous cathedrals and churches, representing practically all the known architectural styles. No other city in the Eastern Europe can boast of such a number of unique churches, situated on quite a small territory. But St. Anne's Church stands out from the variety of city's sacral building.

    Address: Maironio St., 8

Church of St. Theresa and Monastery of the Barefoot Carmelites

The Church of St. Theresa is the most outstanding example of the early Baroque architecture in Vilnius. The construction of the church started in 1630 under the patronage of the Vice Chancellor of the Grand Duchy Stephen Pac. The architect Ulrich was invited to make the project of the church that should become one of the most beautiful in the city.
    Address: Ausros Vartu St., 12
    Phone: 370-5-2123513

Three Crosses

Three white crosses soaring over the hilltop in the Mountain Park is one of the most famous religious monuments in the country. Lithuania was heathen longer than any other European county. The Lithuanian religion of that period reminds of the Nordic Aesir cult, but with some differences in the pantheon.

    Address: Mountain Park

Trakai Castle

Trakai, the ancient capital of Lithuania, is 30 km from Vilnius. Trakai is often called "the town of lakes". The main landmark of the town is the famous Trakai Castle, constructed in the 14th century on the island of the Lake Galve. In 14-15th centuries the castle served as a residence of Grand Duke and his family.
    Address: Kestucio St., 4
    Phone: 370-5-2858241, 370-5-2858240, 370-5-2858246

Vilnius University

The Vilnius University is one of the oldest and most famous universities in Eastern Europe. For more than four centuries it has been the leading cultural and scientific center in Lithuania. The date of the University foundation is considered to be 1579 when the Jesuit College, established in 1570, was transformed into the University.
    Address: Universiteto St., 3
    Phone: 370-5-2611795