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The main distinguishing feature of the Avilys Restaurant is its unique beer, which is cooked up in the restaurant premises and made from honey. The name of this restaurant means "beehive" in Lithuanian. This is not only a restaurant but also a mini-brewery, which is kind of rarity in Lithuania.
    Address: Gedimino St., 5


The Frescos Restaurant is a fine theater-theme restaurant, located in the very heart of Vilnius, in the Old Town City Hall, offers you painstakingly prepared dishes in a delightful atmosphere. Interior somehow reminds of a cross between a Hungarian beer hall and backstage at a small Parisian theater.
    Address: Didzioji St., 31


The Lakstingala restaurant offers 60 seats in the main hall and 30 seats in the party hall. The cozy environment - the fireplace, friendly service, wonderful food - will remain in your memory for a long time. In summer, various amusement programs, competitions and dances are organized at the restaurant.
    Address:Ciurlionio St., 102

La Pergola

La Pergola restaurant is located in the winter garden of the Grotthuss Hotel. This cozy hideaway with its warm ambiance is a perfect place to relax and let a friendly staff to take care of you after a long business meeting or a day of sightseeing. La Pergola Restaurant has a full range of local and international drinks, cocktails and beers.
    Address: Ligonines St., 7


The construction, where currently the Lokys Restaurant is situated, was built at the end of the 15th century by one of the merchants both for living and trading purposes. Over centuries, gothic cellars changed their owners for couple of times. There have been shops, taverns and beerhouses, until 1972, when it was restored and hunters' restaurant was open.
    Address: Stikliu St., 8/10

Ritos Smukle

The Ritos Smukle Restaurant, or Rita's Tavern, is Lithuanian to the bone restaurant, down to the salt shakers and ceramic beer mugs. Rita has strictly banished Coca-Cola, Sprite and anything else that can't make a good case for being genuinely Lithuanian. Instead of Coke, you'll have to choose between carrot and apple juice.
    Address:Zirmunu St., 68


The Tores Restaurant is not only a restaurant but also a wine cellar and art gallery. It is a very good place to take a break if you are touring around Vilnius' Bohemian neighborhood called Uzupis. Artists' paintings exhibited on the ancient walls, fishes in the aquarium and a gentle murmur of a tiny fountain create ineffable atmosphere.
    Address: Uzupio St., 40

Vandens Malunas

The Vandens Malunas Restaurant is located alongside the River Neris, by a country lane that winds away from the northern suburbs of Vilnius. At the foot of a hill, where the stream tumbles into the river, stands a lonely, old watermill, which has been transformed into a unique, out-of-town restaurant.
    Address: Verkiu St., 100

Europos Parkas

In Europos Parkas you will find a cozy restaurant, where you can have lunch or dinner - indoor or open-air. It's a very good chance to relax and to try tasty dishes and cold Lithuanian beer surrounded by an exquisite view and sculptures. The outdoor restaurant, located among small sculptures and apple-trees, seats up to 70 people.
    Address: Europos Parkas