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Ritos Smukle Restaurant

    The Ritos Smukle Restaurant, or Rita's Tavern, is Lithuanian to the bone restaurant, down to the salt shakers and ceramic beer mugs. Rita has strictly banished Coca-Cola, Sprite and anything else that can't make a good case for being genuinely Lithuanian. Instead of Coke, you'll have to choose between carrot and apple juice. This is the place to get all those Lithuanian specialties you've been hearing about, in a dining room mocked up to look like a country kitchen. You'll be offered hearty, king-sized meals at amazingly reasonable prices. Zemaiciu Blynai, these potato pancakes with meat inside are especially delicious with beet borscht cabbage soup. All the other Lithuanian old-fashioned dishes are also to be found there. The atmosphere can be very lively, especially on weekends, when the restaurant features charged-up Lithuanian folk dancers and live music. Even the waitresses there wear traditional Lithuanian folk-costumes.

Address: Zirmunu St., 68