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Lokys Restaurant

    The narrow Stikliu Street in the Old Town of Vilnius began its history in the 15th century, when merchants and craftsmen, invited by Lithuanian Grand Dukes, started their businesses here.
    The construction, where currently the Lokys Restaurant is situated, was build at the end of the 15th century by one of the merchants both for living and trading purposes. Over centuries, gothic cellars changed their owners for couple of times. There have been shops, taverns and beerhouses, until 1972, when it was restored and hunters' restaurant was open.
    This is one of the most interesting and unusual places in the Lithuanian capital, the restaurant in Medieval style with very rich entertainment program. The so called banquets in medieval castle are held by olden time's sovereign feasts' traditions. Guests enjoy the atmosphere of real medieval castle - when plenty of food and drinks take the edge of guests' thirst and hunger, they participate in various attractions - medieval jousts, hunt on quails, fight for the heart of the most beautiful lady, strive for the name of the strongest paladin, dance olden dances under the medieval music.
     Also the Lokys Restaurant is famous for organizing special wine tasting parties, together with best Lithuanian wine experts. The restaurant's menu features broad assortment of game meals and some vegetarian specialties as well.
     Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening you can have dinner in the restaurant while listening to medieval, classical, jazz, country, Lithuanian, retro or popular instrumental music played live.

Address: Stikliu St., 8/10