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Amber Museum and Gallery

The only national gem of Lithuania is amber found on the Baltic Sea shores. Baltic amber, often called the Lithuanian Gold, is famous and highly treasured all over the world. Now there is even a museum of this precious stone in Vilnius.
    Address: St. Mykolo St., 8
    Phone: 370-5-2623092

Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum

In the 20th century the attempts to create a museum of Jewish culture in Vilnius have been made three times. The first one was made in 1913. The museum existed up to the beginning of World War II, displaying rich collection of Jewish folklore, periodicals, books and documents.
    Address: Pylimo St., 4
    Phone: 370-5-2127912

Museum of Genocide Victims

The official name of the museum is the Museum of Genocide Victims, but more often it is called the museum of KGB. The museum was established at the direction of Minister of Culture and Education of the Republic of Lithuania on October 14, 1992.
    Address: Auku St., 2a
    Phone: 3370-5-2496264, 370-5-2497427

National Museum of Lithuania

The oldest museum in the country was founded in 1855 by Eustachijus Tiskevicius, the eminent collector and researcher of the Lithuanian culture and history. The aim of the museum foundation was to systematically collect, store and display national cultural heritage.
    Address: Arsenalo St., 1
    Phone: 370-5-2629426

Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius Picture Gallery

The museum owns a wide collection of Lithuanian and foreign works of fine and applied art. Remarkable collection of the national folk art has been accumulated and at the display now. The visitors can get acquainted with the work of the contemporary Lithuanian and foreign artists.
    Address: Didzioji St., 4
    Phone: 370-5-2628030, 370-5-2124258

Radvilos Palace

    The Radvilos Palace was built at the end of the 17th century for Jonusas Radvila, the hetman of Lithuania, and the voevode of Vilnius. Three-story building with lavishly decorated two-story galleries was constructed by the project of the famous architect Jonas Ulrichas.
    Address: Vilniaus St., 22
    Phone: 370-5-2121477, 370-5-2120166

Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Film Museum

The unique collection of the museum illuminates the history of the Lithuanian theater, music and cinema. Photographs of theatre performances, programs, posters, costumes, stage sets, documents, rare musical instruments and many other interesting exhibits are at the display.
    Address: Vilnaus St., 41
    Phone: 370-5-2622406

Museum of Applied Art

Museum was founded in 1987 and housed in a building of beautifully restored former Old Arsenal of the Vilnius Lower Castle. This striking white building was constructed in the early 17th century in the renaissance style.
    Address: Arsenalo St., 3
    Phone: 370-5-2121813

Architecture Museum

The Museum of Architecture in Lithuania was founded in 1968 as a branch of Lithuanian National Museum. The first exhibition on the contemporary Lithuanian architecture was arranged in 1972, when the museum has got the premises in the former St. Michael's church.
    Address: St. Mykolo St., 9
    Phone: 370-5-2616409

Europos Parkas Museum

The geographic center of European continent is located within 20 minutes of driving from the center of Vilnius. To mark the uniqueness of this place the park was founded in 1991 on the initiative of the Lithuanian sculptor Gintaras Karosas.
    Address: Vilnius, Joneikiskiu, Europos Parkas
    Phone: 370-5-2377077, 370-5-2377070