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Billiards is one of the most complex games to play. To be a good player, one should use geometric principles and do a lot of practicing. The best training place in Vilnius is the Kuba-Vilnius Pool Club. It's a paradise for both beginners and professionals. Beginners will find here qualified instructors and learn all about basics.


Bowling is a perfect game for all ages. It's never late to start playing bowling. Besides, this game doesn't demand special trainings. And it's fun for the whole family to play. If you want to enjoy bowling, check Vilnius bowling clubs out. One of them is the Karolina Skittles Club.

Bicycle Walks

Riding bicycle is a wonderful leisure-time activity, both pleasant and useful. You can ride it slowly and enjoy the views around or you can ride a little harder and your stroll will turn into an excellent workout. Whether you want to ride to fit or to have fun, you'll enjoy bicycle riding in Vilnius and its suburbs.

Bungee Jumping

The originators of cord jumping from different heights are considered to be the members of the aboriginal tribe of Vanuatu Island in the Pacific Ocean, which is about 4,000 miles from the eastern coast of Australia. Jumping from high bamboo trees using vines instead of bungee cords was a ritual taking place every spring.

Horse riding

Today horse riding becomes more and more popular. It's a very useful kind of sport: horse walks are good for your health, as they strengthen leg muscles and improve bearing. It's proved that a horse has a positive influence, and winter and summer horse walks are effective for an immunity system.


Paintball is an exciting leisure activity that has recently appeared in Lithuania. Every year it becomes more and more popular. Paintball players believe that this game helps them to get rid of aggression and irritability by harmless means. Paintball allows adults feel as if they are children playing "in the war" in the yard.


Men used to hunt as it was the only way to get food. Today the situation has changed, but still many men and even women enjoy hunting. Lithuania is a great place for this purpose. Lithuanian forests are full of wild animals including deer, wild bears, beavers, elks and many others.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is an exciting way to spend your leisure time. You can ice skate any season of the year on special ice rinks. In Vilnius you can go skating to the Acropolis Center. Acropolis is the biggest shopping and entertainment center in the Baltic States. Its area equals 54,000 square meters.



In Lithuania, there are many lakes and rivers, rich in fish such as trout, graylings, pikes, carps and others. The fishing season lasts from the end of June till the end of September. The famous fisherman from Germany, Mr. W.R. Kremkus, often visits Lithuania and confesses that he had never seen such fantastic nature.


The most efficient way to be in good mood and great shape is to attend one of Vilnius sport centers. Here you'll find many possibilities for sport activities: gym, aerobics, pool, personal training, massage and much more. In Vilnius, there are many sport clubs, but the largest one is the Fitness Center.