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    Paintball is an exciting leisure activity that has recently appeared in Lithuania. Every year it becomes more and more popular. Paintball players believe that this game helps them to get rid of aggression and irritability by harmless means. Paintball allows adults feel as if they are children playing "in the war" in the yard. But this game is not that simple, as it requires teamwork, stealth and strategy.
     The Techniskas Matas Company sees its mission in bringing joy and excitement to those who like paintball. In Lithuania there are just a few companies providing customers with paintball equipment and field for the game. The Techniskas Matas is a recognized leader in the Lithuanian paintball industry.
     If you decide to try yourself in paintball, you'll certainly have a day full of fun. All players are equipped with easy-to-use semi automatic guns shooting with paint, full camouflage coveralls, padded helmet and full-face paintball goggles. You don't have to worry about your safety, as all equipment is professional and passed special tests. The main rule of paintball is: never take off your goggles. The only way you can get injured during paintball game is to get hit in the eye. Before the game the Techniskas Matas instructors will give you some advice and, if necessary, familiarize you with basic rules.
    The game starts when you join a team of your companions-in-arms. Then you'll be sent on different exciting and challenging missions, where you'll have to demonstrate all your combat skills. During the game you can use attack or defend strategy, depending on your teammate's choice. A paintball scenario game can be a plot from the movie, or it can be based on a real battle from any conflict, such as World War II, or it can be just a "never will be battle". You can be sent to get "secret documents" or deliver "magic items" to a castle or some other exciting missions. But think of enemies who will try to fail your mission. You'll have to use your paint guns against them. Anyway, during the mission time you'll feel as if it's not a game, but your real life.

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