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Bungee Jumping

    One of the most exciting and extreme activities in the Lithuanian capital is the so called bungee jumping from the Vilnius TV-tower. The height of the tower is 326,5 meters and the average free-fall speed of a jumper is about 104 km/h. Those who dared to jump from the TV-tower swear that they have experienced the most unforgettable moments of their lives.
    The originators of cord jumping from different heights are considered to be the members of the aboriginal tribe of Vanuatu Island in the Pacific Ocean, which is about 4,000 miles from the eastern coast of Australia. Jumping from high bamboo trees using vines instead of bungee cords was a ritual taking place every spring. That's how young members of the tribe proved their manhood and courage. Those days such extreme jumps used to be much more dangerous than they are now. Bungee jumping became especially popular in 1970s, when the scientists of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club invented a modern cord for the jumps. It was made of latex strands weaving together. Since this invention bungee jumping became safe.
     The Euroversalas Company was the first one to start offering bungee jumping to the customers in 1997. Thousands of Vilnius citizens and foreign guests have already tried it. "There is nothing that could compare to what I felt during the jump", - confesses one of the jumpers, - "If you have the opportunity, do it - it's worth it!"
     Bungee jumping doesn't need special preparations or medical certificate. Before entering the elevator that will take you to the jumping platform, you need to sign up a contract, that's why you'll need your passport or driver's license. Those who are under 18 years old still can jump, but then kid's parents have to sign the contract. Tandem jumps with a friend or an instructor are also possible (provided that the combined weight doesn't exceed 120 kg).
     Special service of the Euroversals Company is filming or taking picture of your jump. You don't have to worry about your safety, as the professional tested equipment and experienced instructor make your jump safe and pleasant.
    After your jump your can relax in a cozy restaurant and enjoy the picturesque view of Vilnius. Every now and then you'll notice naked people jumping from the TV-tower. Don't be surprised: those who are brave enough to jump being naked are allowed not to pay for their jump.
     Bungee jumping is one of the most exciting ways try one's strength.
     The Euroversalas offers you bungee jumping every weekend from May till September.

Address: Taikos St., 24-57
Phone: 370-5-68258336