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    Lithuanian forests are full of wild animals including deer, wild bears, beavers, elks and many others. One is allowed to hunt elks, wild bears, wolves, foxes, hares and birds, such as geese, ducks and woodcocks. Hunting season starts in April, the busiest months for hunting are November, December and January. After the end of the season the hunters have to register their trophies, as it's necessary for the animal control.
    Hunting used to be a privilege of government members and large companies' top managers. Today common citizens including foreigners have an opportunity of hunting in Lithuania. Hunting with beaters and dogs is most popular now.
    The Hubertus Baltic Club is one of the largest hunting clubs in Lithuania. Its duty is to make customers' hunting interesting, effective and unforgettable. Having reputation of excellent hunting organizer, it provides hunters with everything they need to make their hunting a success. Foreign hunters are accommodated in special hunter's huts or small hotels. If they need, they can order interpreter's services as well.
    The Hubertus Baltic provides all necessary information on the best hunting places and assists in obtaining necessary permissions.
     According to your desires, employees of Hubertus Baltic can organize special parties and cultural events after hunting ceremonies.

Address: Zalgino St., 90-530
Phone: 370-5-2756932