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Horse riding

    People believe that horse is the most beautiful animal nature ever created. There's no other animal people would compose so many fairy-tales, myths, legends and songs about. Today horses are still interesting for the people. They want to know them better, and probably that's why horse riding becomes more and more popular. It's a very useful kind of sport: horse walks are good for your health, as they strengthen leg muscles and improve bearing. It's proved that a horse has a positive influence, and winter and summer horse walks are effective for immunity system.
     In Vilnius suburbs there are many parks and forests that are ideal places for horse riding. The largest horse riding club and stud farm of Vilnius is called "Prosperas". It opened in 1995 and now it's one of the leaders in horse breeding and training. Here you'll find everything that is necessary for beginners and professionals: a large riding field, two maneges, where riders can train in winter time, barriers of different levels of complexity and comfortable stables for the horses. The Prosperas instructors are experienced professionals. They learned and trained not only in Lithuania, but in famous European horse riding clubs as well. If you or your kids want to learn horse riding, or you just want to hire a horse (with or without instructor), or take a horse tour around Vilnius, the Prosperas staff will be happy to help.
    If you are longing for something special, try a coach ride. Riding in a carriage round Vilnius and suburbs you'll feel like a novel character of Dumas, Maupassant or Stendhal. This unusual entertainment is available only in summer time, but in winters you can enjoy sledges.
     In the Prosperas Club equipment rent services are available. You can rent everything you need for effective rest and horse riding.

Address: Gineitiskiu village, Vilnius region
Phone: 370-5-68607755