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    Billiards is one of the most complex games to play. To be a good player, one should use geometric principles and do a lot of practicing. The best training place in Vilnius is the Kuba-Vilnius Pool Club. It's a paradise for both beginners and professionals. Beginners will find here qualified instructors and learn all about basics and advanced principles, cuts, effects, cross, rules, behaviors and much more. Professionals will have an opportunity to play with worthy rivals and sharpen their skills.
     In the Kuba-Vilnius Club you'll find pleasant atmosphere, high-class pool tables and cues, bar with alcohol drinks, good music, and new acquaintances. You can play both Russian billiards and pool in the club. You'll progress at your own level and have fun. The club provides an opportunity of enjoying billiards - the game for smart people.

Address: Seimyniskiu St., 3a
Phone: 370-5-2734904