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    Our guide for Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, features everything you need to know about this splendid city. Here you will find information on sightseeing and entertainment in Vilnius.
Quick facts about Lithuania
Lithuania is a country that has much to offer. It takes much time to learn about its history and culture. Here you'll find some interesting and useful facts about Lithuania. Let it be the beginning of your acquaintance with this Baltic State. Find out about Lithuania's population, industries, administrative divisions, and so on.

Vilnus, Lithuania
Vilnius is an amazing place for tourism, vacations and business visits. The modern culture of Vilnius fully reflects the diversity of city life. Nowadays it plays the same great role in cultural life of Eastern Europe as it used to in Medieval Times. Advantageous geographical location makes Vilnius a gateway to Lithuania and the Baltic States.

Sights in Vilnus
Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has much to offer to its guests. Beautiful cathedrals, churches and monasteries, mysterious castles, magnificent palaces and glorious monuments make Vilnius worthy visiting. The architecture of the Old Town of Vilnius deserves your special attention.

Museums in Vilnus
Vilnius museums are interesting to visit. For example, in Vilnius there is the only on the territory of former Soviet Empire KGB Museum. Once visiting Vilnius, you can enjoy Art Museum, Amber Museum and even take a look at the geographic center of European continent in the Europas Parkas Museum.

Theatres in Vilnus
Theater is a very important part of Lithuanian culture. In Vilnius, there are theatres famous among Lithuanian and European drama-lovers. Some of those theaters are old and traditional, performing classic plays, some of them are young and avant-garde, staging works of talented contemporaries.

Activities in Vilnus
Vilnius is a great place for active rest. There are many opportunities for fun and healthy leisure. One can go skating, hunting, fishing; attend fitness-centers and swimming pools. Those who like horses will enjoy horse riding in Vilnius suburbs. If you're brave enough you'll appreciate bungee-jumping from the TV-tower.

Night Clubs in Vilnus
Vilnius nightlife is very vivid and vibrant. In the Lithuania capital, there is everything you need to have fun: friendly atmosphere, reliable security system and clubs of different types. On our website you'll find some information on the most popular Vilnius nightclubs. This city has much to offer at night.

Restaurants in Vilnus
Vilnius has restaurants of all kinds. If you want to have a nice romantic supper or quick business lunch you'll find exactly what you need. In Vilnius, there are luxurious restaurants and small pubs, where you can have a good time and nice meal. Unusual interiors, live music and perfect services are at your disposal.